How Omni Hotels Increases Bookings With Next-Level Personalization

61% of travelers begin researching their next trip between one and three months before departure. That leaves a lot of time for heavy browsing, brand comparison, and other distractions—and makes it that much more challenging to keep customers focused and booking with you over anyone else. Omni Hotels shares how they stay top of mind and deliver convenience to customers in every step of the booking process.

Join us as we cover how Omni's next-level personalization allows them to:

  • Retarget anonymous visitors who abandoned their bookings.
  • Drive 238% more bookings as travelers are actively researching.
  • Acquire and engage business and leisure travelers.
  • Build loyalty with customers who don’t book direct.


Chris Killough
Sr. Manager, Email Marketing
Michael Osborne
CEO & President

Watch The Webinar: