Omnichannel Consumers and the Customer Identity Crisis

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What's it about...

It seems every time we turn around, a new consumer channel is being introduced—another social media app, another home assistant, another way to engage. But as consumers press on with their always-on, ultra-connected lives, marketers are left struggling to just make basic connections between email, mobile, social, and web identities without the added complexity of emerging channels. At the same time, consumers continue to frequent brick and mortar stores—perhaps more than we realize.

The problem is, consumers aren’t just always on-the-go, moving from channel to channel. They’re also distracted as they do it, sometimes interweaving between channels and devices simultaneously. And despite where they are, they expect impeccable service and delivery now. This has created a customer identity crisis that has made it nearly impossible for marketers to resolve on their own. How can marketers continue to deliver and maintain brand loyalty as the channel-laden waters only become more muddy?

What you'll learn...

  • New research about the ways in which consumers are regularly making purchases, and how they are crossing channel lines.
  • What consumers expect from their digital experiences with you, and what you can do to recognize them across all channels.
  • How Home Assistants, "Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store," and Free Shipping has altered consumer behaviors and expectations.
  • How to align your strategies with the current landscape of the retail space.