SmarterHQ Platform

The leading multi-channel behavioral marketing platform.

In today’s age of digitally distracted consumers — it’s not enough to say the same thing to everyone. Messages need to respond to the specific behaviors of individual consumers consistently across a myriad of channels. That's where we come in.

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Connect customer interactions

Our Customer Identity Resolution automatically connects your customer’s engagement across multiple devices and channels so you can recognize individual behaviors regardless of their touchpoint.

Create audiences in seconds

We consume all of your behavioral and transactional data, regardless of channel, so you can build automated audience segments based on any interaction a customer has with your brand.

Re-engage your customers

Using historical behaviors and machine learning, we automate real-time website and email personalizations that grow smarter over time to keep your customers engaged and focused on completing the purchase.

SmarterHQ Platform

The SmarterHQ Platform

With our easy, one time setup, you’ll have the power to automate personalized interactions based on any customer behavior across channels. All with just a click of a button.

Customer Identity Resolution

Wherever your customer shops your brand, we show you the most holistic view of each unique consumer, no matter what device they used or where they shopped.

Customer Segmentation

We help identify unique, high-value audiences across any channel you can access in seconds instead of hours using your existing technology stack.

Real-Time Interaction Management

Once your customer takes action, our platform sends messages in real-time based on their unique behaviors.

Predictive Marketing

We predict what actions customers will take and when, so you can anticipate customer needs with prescribed content.

Product Recommendations

We use machine learning algorithms to create individualized sets of recommendations based on a customer’s unique actions and behavioral profile in any channel.

Smart Campaign Management

With built-in suppression and frequency capping, our intelligent campaign management tools ensure your customers are receiving the optimized messaging they demand.

The SmarterHQ Platform

We work with your existing technology ecosystem

With the largest partner network - including 20+ ESP integrations - we drop into your existing technology stack to consume all data points and power behavioral messages through your channel delivery providers. Our integrations with your technology stack are pre-built, making getting started a breeze.

"Beware of flashy sales pitches from their competitors, I went through four different options before deciding on SmarterHQ. The ability to segment and send highly personalized emails would never be possible without SmarterHQ. We were ROI positive within six months of launch!"