SmarterHQ Platform

We’re a personalization platform built on a sophisticated CDP infrastructure.

Consumers have extremely high expectations of what their experiences should be: immediate, convenient, and personalized no matter where they interact. But brands still blast irrelevant messages that end up costing them valuable customers. We can help.

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Activate real-time, multichannel data to reach more customers, immediately recognizing and understanding customers across all touchpoints to power impactful marketing.


Identify audiences quickly and easily based on customer behavior and information, algorithmically creating sophisticated segments to send the most relevant content to the right customers.


Automate highly personalized marketing campaigns across channels, delivering adaptive content in real time via email, web, mobile push, ad platforms, and print to drive deep engagement.

SmarterHQ Platform

The SmarterHQ Platform

Easy implementation by our team gets campaigns up and running quickly, and our Client Success Directors provide immediate and ongoing strategy and support.

Data Collection

Collect granular data across devices, email addresses, and online and offline channels, and connect website, profile, app, product feed, and other key data points together.

Data Activation

Track and process interactions as they happen and unify customer data into a single profile using identity resolution to accurately understand and predict behavior based on past and present activity.

Customer Segmentation

Quickly segment using filters and flexibly target audiences, leverage predictive models and engagement scores, and get immediate audience feedback.

Adaptive Content Automation

Execute product, catalog, cart/order, and wishlist retargeting, customized campaign content, and curated and intelligent product recommendations.

Personalization Channels

Trigger personalization and adaptive content via email, web modals and transforms, mobile push, Google and Facebook Ad platforms, print, and custom exports.

Campaign Management Tools

Control frequency capping, campaign suppression, and send prioritization directly within the platform to prevent over-messaging to cross-channel customers.

The SmarterHQ Platform

We work with your existing tech stack.

We directly integrate with 25+ marketing platforms and ESPs used by multichannel brands. By partnering with the best of breed in marketing technology, you’ll be able to access all of the existing data sources at your fingertips and easily create personalized B2C experiences through your current marketing channels—without having to bug your IT team or other departments.

SmarterHQ is CCPA + GDPR + SOC 2 Type II compliant.

"Beware of flashy sales pitches from their competitors, I went through four different options before deciding on SmarterHQ. The ability to segment and send highly personalized emails would never be possible without SmarterHQ. We were ROI positive within six months of launch!"