Predictive Marketing Playbook

Execute predictive models across all data sources and digital channels.

Brands with an eye for the future are taking personalization to the next level by predicting customer behavior—what a customer wants to achieve and plans to do next, while uncovering and pushing the products, content, and offers driving the most value.

We’ve compiled the most effective campaigns our forward-thinking clients power using Smarter Predictions. These dynamic, self-tuning models take into account the historical, real-time, and cross-channel actions a customer is or isn’t taking to automate messages that anticipate their next move with your brand.

Keep reading for:

  • Quick ways to execute machine learning and modeled campaigns to power the most relevant, high-conversion messages.
  • Solutions to the top customer data, omnichannel, and AI-related challenges many marketers face today.
  • Client examples and insights—these campaigns increase browse campaign revenue by 33%.

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