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Our platform and services make behavioral marketing scalable.

SmarterHQ technology turns complex data into actionable insights, and allows you to quickly and easily leverage those insights to create automated, personalized experiences for your customers.

Real-time Data

Our technology captures shoppers’ behavioral data in real time, making it immediately actionable and always current.


We combine real-time behavioral data with historical data and built-in predictive analytics to create true contextual insights.


Our pre-built integrations with your marketing technologies ensure our insights are actionable within your existing ecosystem.

Easy-to-use UI

Quickly and easily create audience segments; then automate email and website experiences featuring personalized content.

Real Time Interactions

Track your customers' behavior and take action in real time.

Consumer Data

Combine behavioral, in-store and historical data to create greater context.

Audience Segmentation

Continuously uncover meaningful and actionable audience segments.


Create relevant content based on true contextual insights.


Automate email and website campaigns that deliver personalized experiences.

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