SmarterHQ for Email

Use behavior to fuel the relevant emails your customers expect.

We leverage your existing email service provider, combining real-time behavior recognition with historical consumer data to power automated, personalized email campaigns.

Launch essential triggered emails without compromising on results.


Our pre-existing integration with your email service provider makes getting started simple and fast.

We start you off with essential triggered campaigns that generate industry-leading revenue and create a foundation for growth.

Grow more sophisticated over time, with no ceiling.

Add more context to basic behavioral triggers, including engagement level and purchase probability.

Combine real-time behavior recognition with historical data to create better understanding of your customers.

Leverage year-over-year data to re-engage customers based on seasonal shopping patterns.

Utilize in-store data to power multi-channel emails.

Create an unlimited number of audience segments and campaigns.

Email best practices are built-in and automated.

Campaign management and prioritization

Offer optimization

Frequency capping and suppression management

A / B / X testing

Multi-step automations

Real-time counts that show you audience size each time you change a parameter

Tie your email & website campaigns together.

Leverage the same audience segments you use for email to power personalized website experiences that increase chances of conversion.

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