SmarterHQ for Web

Use behavior to power personalized website experiences in real time.

SmarterHQ for Web gives you the ability to dynamically and automatically change messaging and content on your website based on a unique visitor’s behavior and interests.

Personalize your customers’ shopping experiences with essential web experiences.

Our pre-existing integrations make getting started simple and fast, and if you’re already using SmarterHQ for Email, we simply leverage the same segments to power website experiences

We start you off with easy, essential experiences focused on conversion and revenue generation

Grow more sophisticated at your own pace.

Add more context to basic behavioral programs by including engagement level and purchase probability

Combine behavioral and historical data to create a more relevant real-time experience.

Utilize in-store and/or offline data (such as catalog) to make your website consistent with offline experiences

Save 10%!

Campaign management best practices are automatic.

Online content library that stores all your web content

Real-time target identification and testing

Automated campaign prioritization

A/B/X testing and holdout groups

Performance reporting

Back to School Promo
Final Four Countdown
New for 2016 Promo
Payment Abandonment

Tie your email & website campaigns together.

Leverage the same audience segments you use for website content transformations to power the most effective emails in the industry.

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