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SmarterHQ’s behavioral marketing platform powers highly personalized, cross-channel experiences across outbound and online channels. Request a demo to see our technology in action, and learn how we can help you increase revenue now and customer relationships over time. Our platform simplifies your ability to...

Message customers in real-time on any channel including email, onsite, display, mobile, social and many more

Unify online and offline customer data in one platform with world-class customer identity resolution

Utilize predictive content like product recommendations to drive loyalty and engage customers

Control frequency, suppression, and segmentation directly in our platform

Maintain and improve their sender reputation and deliverability with our 20+ ESP integrations

Hit the ground running with our team of client success experts by their side with full-service & self-service models

Easy one-time setup

We make it easy in three simple steps to get you up and running and generating class-leading revenue.

Add the SHQ snippet + provide your product feed
Provide SHQ access to your preferred ESP
Design + provide your campaign creative

See why the world's top brands rely on SmarterHQ to power their behavioral marketing campaigns

Our success with SmarterHQ has come from really paying attention to what the customer is telling us through their behavior and being considerate of how they engage with the brand across all the channels. From there, we can continue the conversation in the appropriate way.

Aaron Buchanan
Digital Personalization Manager

I love the easy ability to get list created and how they are directly put into ExactTarget. It's a really helpful seamless process. It also helps to have a great account rep who is always on top of getting the list in a short time period.

Paige Gaines
CRM Marketing Manager

SmarterHQ has helped increase our email marketing revenue by creating a fast track to employing personalized marketing tactics in our program. We’re able to recognize the benefits immediately, with minimal effort, while building out our grander personalized marketing strategy.

Nathan Casey
Director, Loyalty & Relationship Marketing
Beware of flashy sales pitches from their competitors, I went through four different options before deciding on SmarterHQ. The ability to segment and send highly personalized emails would never be possible without SmarterHQ. We were ROI positive within six months of launch!

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