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We make it easy for marketers to power highly personalized, cross-channel experiences. Request a conversation to see our platform in action and learn how to simplify and elevate your ability to:

Capture anonymous site visitors without the need for account sign-in, boosting customer identification and reach by 202% on average

Connect different interactions and data from multiple devices, channels, and sources into a single unified view of a customer

Identify key audiences quickly based on customer behavior (web, offline, app) and profile information (loyalty, persona, CRM)

Quickly segment and target customers, leverage predictive models and engagement scores, and get immediate audience feedback

Automate dynamic content via email, website, mobile push, Google and Facebook Ad platforms, print, and custom exports

Hit the ground running with our 25+ marketing platform and ESP integrations and guidance from our expert client success team

Easy one-time setup

We make it easy in three simple steps to get you up and running and generating class-leading revenue.

Add the SHQ snippet + provide your product feed
Provide SHQ access to your preferred ESP
Design + provide your campaign creative
Beware of flashy sales pitches from their competitors, I went through four different options before deciding on SmarterHQ. The ability to segment and send highly personalized emails would never be possible without SmarterHQ. We were ROI positive within six months of launch!

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