How Adding Context to Marketing Improves Conversion and Loyalty

This webinar took place on April 6. Fill out this form to download a recorded video of the session. 

This webinar focused on the business impact of adding context to your email and online marketing initiatives. Forrester Consulting recently released a study around the Total Economic Impact of SmarterHQ. This study examined the ROI SmarterHQ delivered for four long-time customers which resulted in a 667% ROI and 15% revenue lift. 

Forrester analyst and email innovation expert, Rebecca McAdams, discussed the results of the study and the imperative for marketers to use context to fuel personalized email and web marketing initiatives. Additionally, Kim Lewis, Vice President of Omni-Channel at Golfsmith, showed how Golfsmith used SmarterHQ to drive immediate revenue lift, and continues to leverage the technology to infuse context into initiatives across its marketing program.