Marketers Are on a Mission: The State of B2C Marketing Report

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What's it about...

95% of consumers admit to doing other things while shopping. Hyperconnectivity and hyper distraction are at an all-time high, making it even harder for brands to compete. So how do today’s marketers plan to cut through the noise, effectively connect with consumers, and ultimately increase conversions? 

SmarterHQ, Cheetah Digital, Liveclicker, and MailCharts surveyed hundreds of B2C marketers, spanning a number of industries and job titles, to reveal their topmost priorities, investments, channels, and strategies. While certain tactics and concerns varied by industry—including their opinions on Amazon—we also found that marketers as a whole have some solid common ground.

In this report, we analyze the 4 key trends identified in our survey results, uncover some eye-opening (and sometimes contradictory) stats, and discuss how you, too, can best put your marketing plans into action.

What you'll learn...

  • Top priorities of today’s digital marketers: Compare and contrast key marketing goals and trends across industries including retail, financial services, travel & hospitality, higher education, and media, entertainment & telecom.
  • Marketing technologies and channel investments: Marketing budgets are increasing on average by 18%. Find out where B2C marketers are spending most of their money and which channels they’re using to better target consumers.
  • Tactics marketers use to engage consumers: 51% of respondents said personalization was most important on their list. See how they’re leveraging behavioral-based messages to strengthen the customer experience.
  • How consumers want brands to communicate: Gain a greater understanding of whether marketers’ current strategies correctly align with how consumers actually want to receive information from brands. (Hint: In some cases—they don’t.)
  • Actionable advice from industry experts: Walk away with quick tips from leading marketers on how to tackle the current digital landscape and turn customers into brand loyalists once and for all.