The Amazon Report: Consumers Share How Brands Can Win Them Back

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What's it about...

We know brands consider Amazon a tough competitor. More than 310 million active shoppers engage with Amazon worldwide, resulting in $136 billion in US sales so it’s no wonder brands are giving Amazon the “side-eye” as the company encroaches on retail, grocery — and even financial services industries. Marketers are constantly looking for new ways to mimic Amazon’s approach, so SmarterHQ took it to the streets and asked shoppers what they think the brand does so well.  In The Amazon Report: Consumers Share how Brands Can Win Them Back, we found critical trends that should give your brand the armor to increase customer loyalty and revenue through key personalization tactics and real-time behavioral marketing.

What you'll learn...

  • Insights about shopping behaviors, influences on buying patterns and consumer preferences both on Amazon and your brick-and-mortar or online stores
  • How your retail brand can stand out to Amazon shoppers and create loyal, repeat buyers
  • Buyers want and prefer to purchase with a brand’s website or in-store location
  • Customers don’t mind sharing data, and they want you to use it to cater to their preferences