Travel & Hospitality Behavioral Marketing Playbook

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What's it about...

The travel and hospitality industry was built on providing top-notch customer service and experiences. In today’s digital age, where omnichannel interactions abound and online travel agencies reign, customers crave personalized attention more than ever before. They’re also more distracted than ever before: Users abandon travel bookings 82% of the time.

Every traveler is unique, so your email and web marketing efforts should continuously cater to their individual desires and frequently changing interests. Our playbooks puts control into marketers’ hands, providing them with actionable tips and strategies to engage with consumers early and accurately, and ultimately increase revenue for your business.

What you'll learn...

  • 7 behavioral marketing campaigns, examples, and creative strategy specific to the travel and hospitality industry
  • How to decrease booking abandonment with real-time, personalized messaging
  • Strategies to leverage browsing behaviors for specific travel destinations
  • Best practices to implement site pop-ups that inform customers and drive them down the funnel
  • How to utilize year-over-year data to deliver trip recommendations to seasonal travelers
  • Ways to get started on personalizing campaigns to increase engagement, revenue, and customer loyalty