Behavioral Marketing Playbook: Getting Started With Triggered Emails

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What's it about...

Retailers have to push and shove to snag the attention of today’s hyper-connected, hyper-distracted consumer. Flooding inboxes with mass promotions usually leads to an unsubscribe, and post-visit messages tend to be sent too late to drive the sale. So how can your emails stay afloat and capture your customers in the right way?

Triggering emails in real-time based on individual interactions will provide shoppers with highly relevant information personalized to their own tastes. This playbook walks you through the most effective email campaigns needed to convert customers faster and keep them coming back to your site repeatedly. 

What you'll learn...

  • 5 behavioral marketing email campaigns proven to increase conversions, recover abandoned sales, and drive customer retention.
  • How to prioritize individual shoppers to create the ultimate personalized customer experience.
  • Client examples, creative strategy, average client results, and tips for personalized triggered email marketing.